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Meet Self-Esteem Girl


Self-Esteem Girl is ProMOTION Plus’ physical activity advocate. A tireless promoter of the benefits of physical activity for girls, SE Girl spends her considerable reserves of super-hero energy encouraging girls to get moving. When you are active, SE Girl and self-esteem just appear! Sometimes she shows up in a smile, sometimes in a confident walk, and other times she’s the certainty in a foot that has just kicked a goal. She was recently spotted at a girls’ soccer game and on a hike in the mountains. Where will she turn up next?

“Self-esteem isn't everything; it's just that there's nothing without it.”
                                                                                    Gloria Steinem

What Is Self-Esteem?  

Self-esteem is “being competent to cope with the basic challenges of life and being worthy of happiness. It is confidence in our ability to learn, make appropriate choices and decisions, and respond effectively to change. It is also the experience that success, achievement, fulfillment and happiness are right and natural for us” (National Association for Self-Esteem Website, October 2003).
Why Should We Be Concerned About Girls Lacking Self-Esteem?
Girls tend to have lower self-esteem than boys, especially during the teen years. Girls with high self-esteem are more likely to feel happy, have successful friendships, achieve success in school, and be healthy and physically active. Girls with low self-esteem are more likely to drop out of sports or physical activity, take up smoking at a young age, and are more susceptible to peer pressure related to drugs and alcohol (On the Move, 2000).
Why Link Self-Esteem To Physical Activity?
Physical activity has a beneficial effect on mood, cognitive functioning and psychological well-being. Exercise is also related to a decrease in levels of anxiety, depression and psychological stress (Reid and Dyck, 1999).
Girls who participate in after-school activities including physical activities are more likely to have a more positive sense of self than girls who participate in non-physical activities and girls who do not participate at all (Melpomene Institute, 1996).
The Challenge:
If a girl does not participate in sport by the age of 10, there is only a 10% chance she will be physically active when she is 25  (Melpomene Institute, 1993).
Beginning at the age of 12, girls’ involvement in physical activity declines steadily until only 11% are still active by age 16-17 (Hay and Donnelly, 1996).
Whether the outlet is competitive sport or fun-filled physical activity, girls benefit from getting out and getting active. Make sure the girls you know are “on the move” so self-esteem can "appear” in their lives too!
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 “Hey, look up there in the Sky, what do you see?”
Is it a Sprite? A Muse? A Spirit? A Guardian Angel? No it’s Self Esteem Girl!
The girl whose motto is: “When you’re active, I appear!”
Episode One:
I remember it was a windy fall day in the earth year of 2003 when I arrived. I couldn’t breathe very well as I was surrounded by walls which seemed small, soft and close. It was my instinct to a find a way out of this dark and crowded enclosure. As I was struggling to fine my way out, suddenly there came a jolt to the entire enclosure. I was moving! It was a rather bumpy ride I must say. I definitely had to get out of there. I made my way to the top of this dark object and found a crack of sunlight coming through the top. I headed for the light. I reckoned that there might be danger on the outside of this darkness and so moved cautiously as I pushed my head out into the light. 
WOW, now that was a shock, I was in a container and was being carried well above the ground. The creature carrying me was hairy at the top end, had four long thin apparatus attached to what seemed to be its trunk. There were two apparatus at the top and two at the bottom. The top two had the carrying thing strapped to them and the two at the bottom were moving us along the ground. The creature’s hair was quite long and I thought that if I grabbed hold of it that I might be able to climb down far enough to jump to the ground. So, I took hold of the hairy top and pulled myself out of the container and proceeded to make my way to the ground. Once I was hanging fully outside the container, there came a sound so loud that it felt like it was coming from inside my head but I knew it couldn’t be me as I have never heard such a sound. No sooner had the sound stopped than the hair I was holding was flicked and I went sailing through the air to the ground.
“OUCH!” Said the creature as it rubbed its head. 
“Ouch, yourself!” I said as I rubbed my own. 
“Who are you and what were you doing in my back pack?”
“I’m …ah…” I said trying to remember my name. Perhaps that bump on the head made me forget. I looked down at myself for the first time and saw that I looked very much like the creature I was talking to, in a language I had never heard before but understood rather well.
“I asked you your name…don’t you know?”
“I, ah...seem to have forgotten.”
“You forgot your own name? Really?” 
“Seems like I have.”
“Well, maybe its S.E. “See”. Or perhaps those are your initials, Sara Easton or Sandra something. Nah, I know Sara Easton and you’re not her.”
“Why do you think its S. E.?” I said cautiously.
“Because it’s written on your shirt S… E… so why don’t I call you See and you can call me Melissa.”
“Ah, Ok, See for now till we figure it out. Is Melissa your real name?”
“Then why do you want me to call you that?”
“Because I know a Melissa and I think she’s great and I’d rather be her than me.”
“Because I'd rather be anyone than me…”
“No, you don’t want to be anyone other than who you are. Wanna know why?”
“Because there is no one else like you. You need to be you in order for everything to be right with you and this planet.” The words came out of my mouth like I had said them before but I know I hadn’t even heard them before. Still, I had this feeling deep inside that what I had just said was right.
“Lisa.” I said, “Your name is Lisa, right?”
“Yeah, my name is Lisa Wright”
“And …you were just playing hoppers over there in the field with your hopper friends.” I said it as fast as it came into my thoughts. It flashed into my brain from somewhere else, maybe from someone else, but to my surprise again it felt right. 
“With my Hopper team” she corrected me. “I love hoppers. It is the only thing that makes me feel…”
“Like you belong.”
“Yes.” she said with a smile.
Stay tuned for the further adventures of Self Esteem Girl when Lisa introduces SE to her hopper team and asks the pressing question, “What do you mean you can’t see her, she’s right there!”
When ProMOTION Plus introduced members to Self -Esteem Girl in the fall of 2003 the diminutive mascot came with an important message: Self-Esteem – When You’re Active, It Just Appears.
But just who is she? Many women and girls who take part in sport and physical activity have been visited by Self-Esteem Girl as they complete a fitness class, or stand at the summit after a long hike, or relish a glass of water after a fun run. She brings those feelings of satisfaction and strength, of confidence and possibility, to folks who commit to making exercise, movement, fitness, sport or recreation a regular part of their lives.
Many studies have shown regular exercise can help with weight loss, can improve fitness, coordination and aerobic capacity in addition to having a positive effect on mood and relationships. People with high self-esteem tend to be healthier and happier in addition to being able to better cope with the demands of life.
Who wouldn’t want to welcome Self-Esteem Girl into their lives?
It is said she became committed to promoting the benefits of physical activity and rewarding folks for keeping active when she discovered the joys and merits of sport while attending the School of Inspiration and Innovation in her home realm, the Possibility Plane. (or the Plane of Possibilities?). She made new friends playing on the hopper team (a melding of hopscotch and soccer) and discovered she had more energy, studied better and slept sounder with the regular exercise.
Self-Esteem Girl graduated at the top of her class and pledged to come to the Earth Planet Plane to motivate humans and to extend the gift of self-esteem when they opt to exercise. Some say she is summoned by the sound of a rising heart rate and the laughter of camaraderie. 
The Adventures of Self Esteem Girl to be continued.
Who knows where she will turn up next?


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